About Us

We live in Northern New York with our animals friends who we work to support.   I wish I understood more about “blogging” and how this whole thing works.  This is good, though because it allows me an outlet to express my silly self and perhaps give insight to life on a little farm, which is just a hobby, but really a way of life, constantly evolving.



  1. I love it!!!!!! Bravo…. you guys are great!!!Huggs & Smooches to all!!

  2. The only thing missing is a picture of Clem and the Mrs.
    It’s wonderful!

  3. Deb- this is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! Keep writing -life on the farm is fascinating for those of us who don’t live there. If I could, I think I’d be doing the same thing.

    The photos are beautiful, too. Keep it coming!! Love, Laurie

    • thanks so much! My niece works for the guy who developed WordPress, so she started me out on this last year…. the goat giveaway contest has inspired me to pick it back up again….. good to hear from you…

  4. WOW – the picture of the barn snow-covered is BEAUTIFUL – send it to Hallmark! And of course, you know Clem is smilin’ down on you!

  5. Hi, We are in Blackmountain Nc, We are looking
    forward to someone who has both chin and french
    Angora. We will be looking for a breeding trio of each in late spring early summer next year. I have a daughter getting married in Boston in May. After that i hope we do not do much traveling. So what part of NC are you are going to live? We are wanting to do an urban homestead. Actually I want to do rural but health considerations dictate I be close to a hospital. How much are your bunnies? Cindy

    • We will be in/around Sparta, close to the Virginia border. I should have breeding trios available when you are looking, so be sure to get in touch. In an effort to promote more rabbit breeders, I keep my prices pretty low; about $40 each or I’ll give a break when purchasing multiples. I’ve had good luck on the show tables, and a lot of my stock has received their grand champions. I’ll look forward to meeting you. We love Asheville and plan to visit frequently!

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