Posted by: clemscritters | December 23, 2010

Some of da boyz

Now that I am retired, I think it only fitting that I spend a little more time with this blog, and get some of the animal pictures posted.   Because today I groomed some of the angora rabbits, I thought I’d start with my three herd sire french angoras:

Clems Oreo Reg. X704J Grand champion pending

Oreo has the sweetest personality; he is of my own breeding (Cherry Knoll Michele x Bashful Storm Cloud) and it didn’t take long for him to earn his three legs for granding.  Now retired from the show circuit, he grows a beautiful fleece and makes awesome babies.

Last year, thanks to Jan DeCooman of Apple View Angoras in Vermont, we added Fuzzie’s Smokey Lonesome to our herd:

Fuzzie's Smokey Lonesome Registration #E745J

Smokey provided us with offspring last fall, and several of his daughters have been added to our breeding lineup.  Only one more grand champion leg to be won by Smokey, and he, too, can join his bud Oreo in the easy life.

Oreo’s son, Clems Bit-o-Honey, has promise for the show circuit this year.

Clems Bit-o-Honey

I am pleasantly surprised that the ARBA District 9 appears to be quite active in their show schedule.  Looking online, I found five shows within reasonable driving distance through May 2011.  I am hoping to get to at least four of them this winter/spring.

These three bucks are currently unemployed, as we don’t have any breeding going on right now.  We are a little cramped in our space, and are just maintaining the status-quo for now.   Hopefully before long we will be able to expand just a little and bring some new generations of bunnies to this mountain.




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