Posted by: clemscritters | December 1, 2010

A different kind of winter

I look at the masthead of this blog and remember with not so much fondness the wintry wonderland which was Lowville.  I have a great respect for mother nature and North Carolina is to be revered as well for it’s weather.  Today I left the house and rushed back with goat and rabbit feed because of the weather.  I declined to travel tonight because of the weather.  I am listening to the wind howl, and know there are flash flood warnings and tornado warnings out for our area.  I am alone on the mountain tonight, Don is driving back from Lowville with the last load of  ‘stuff’.  who knows where we will put it, but it’ll be here by morning I’m thinking…

I’m not afraid to be here alone, the dogs take good care to watch out for me and be great company.  I miss Don though.  I would be much more comfortable if he was here, just because of the weather.  I wish our barn was finished so I would know the animals were safe and dry.  Our starter barn is really great, but there is some standing water down there tonight.  I’m trusting God there won’t be any wet rabbits in the morning!

I have pictures to share of the barn, the site for the garden and everything , but I can’t find my camera cord for uploading photos to the computer, so, that will have to wait.




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