Posted by: clemscritters | October 31, 2010

Ok, Ok, I admit it…

I’ve been neglecting this site (again).  So much has been going on I can’t keep up. Let’s see:  (1) retiring after 24 years working for New York State; (2) moving to North Carolina; (3) everything that goes with (2).  It’s been busy!  It’s been a long haul all summer, but we are now down to the cadre of critters who will be joining us on the mountain:  seven goats, five sheep, 19 rabbits, two dogs, two cats, 10 guineas, 6 chickens, five parrot fish, two plecostamus and one catfish (these last live in an aquarium and are posing quite the challenge to move).  A forced separation hasn’t been fun, but has shown me who I am once again… Don is in NC building the starter barn and I’m here packing and sorting.  Soon we’ll switch places, and me and the critters will be in North Carolina settling in and he’ll be here in New York packing and loading, saying goodbye to the homestead he built from bare land.

I’m looking forward to retirement; time to do the things I want to do; time to keep up with this blog and maybe write a tad; create some fleecy things; nurture some critters and that sort of thing.

So, it may be a while again before I get back here, but then hopefully I’ll get more attentive.


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