Posted by: clemscritters | January 31, 2010

Life changes

I feel compelled to write about our horses leaving the farm for new careers.  The problem is I am not sure what or how to write on this subject.  While I am happy for them, I do feel their anxiety at their new lives, being separated from each other and from me.  Savy Boy and Sage were never really ‘livestock’.  They were family members and it is akin to sending your grown up children out of the nest to begin their own lives.  We were not providing good honest work for the horses; we were providing a retirement home, and – at too young an age, that’s not good.  I saw what retiring too early did for my parents, and so I suppose I can rationalize it that way… I will miss them dearly because whoever said that the outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man, was a true visionary.

I’m thinking that there may be a horse in my life again before it’s over, but it will come at a time when I’m prepared to help one.  A rescue.  I think that is where my horse sense comes from and where it is going.

Life has a way of changing in steps.  First the horses go; now we get ready for kids and lambs; once we have a plan, we’ll get ready to move the farm, and that will be the biggest life change.  At -20* out there today, a move to the south would be ok.


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