Posted by: clemscritters | December 11, 2009

The angora project

Through the generosity of our friend Beth, we are fostering two angora does (means they belong to Beth, but they live here with us, to get us started with our angora goat program) please meet the newest members of the Clems Critters flock:

Of course, you already know the adorable “frankie”

Well, this past weekend, his momma nanny and his nana nanny came to live here. Please say hello to
Miss April (his mom):

and Miss Naomi, his nana (I swear, they already had names when we met them)

We rented them a ‘boyfriend’ and couldn’t help but call him Abe
isn’t he handsome?

We hope to have some kids in the spring, which would get us off to a good start for our fiber farm.



  1. Oh, they are so cute! Congrats on the new additions to the farm. I hope Abe does his job well and you get some nice kids in the spring. My hat’s off to you, I’m waiting til next fall to start my breeding program (yup, I’m a sissy šŸ™‚

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