Posted by: clemscritters | November 11, 2009

Hypocrisy and freezer camp

It concerns me that 90% of americans don’t give a hoot about where their meat comes from.  Today we are sending our first goat to freezer camp.  We’ve sent chickens before, and Don has processed chickens, ducks and rabbits himself (he is so very practical and un-hypocritical);  while I am sad to see him go, I understand that it is his destiny; I’ve tried to remain detached.  We’ll see if I am able to stay that way.


It all has to do with how you are raised I’m sure.  Don was raised by practical people in this regard.  My parents had a totally different outlook on animals in general, and I can remember distinctly the outrage my mother had on behalf of the dairy cows when their calves were not allowed to nurse so we could sell the milk.   I suppose she lived in meat lala land, but I’ve moved to a border town… I know what needs to be done, but am a closet vegetarian. If I had to kill an animal to eat meat, I’ve live on nuts and berries.  It’s ok for me to be a hypocrite in this arena… I am allowing me to be that.

I prefer to raise fiber animals.  We have a partnership.  I take care of them and they give me fiber. No one gets hurt.  So, me and Don,  we have a good partnership.  He does the things I can’t and I do the things he’d prefer not to.



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