Posted by: clemscritters | November 7, 2009


There has been a revolution going on in my soul lately; can’t say why, but I have a few ideas – if I had to put it into order of importance, though, I think entering Juniper Moon Farms’ Great Goat Giveaway would rank right up there on the responsibility ladder with WHY I’ve been feeling this way.  In case you missed it (and I can’t imagine anyone I know did because it’s all I talked about).. there was an essay contest whereby you had to state in words why you wanted to win a herd of angora goats and become a shepherd to them.

Loving animals in general, discovering goats recently and angora goats only months before, having been told I’m a fairly decent writer and always having wanted to write and express my deepest and darkest, I decided to enter.

Asking for votes for my essay over the web and at work and life in general was an experience not unlike running for office (an experience I’ve successfully completed, glad THAT’s off the checklist – whew!).  You ask people to support you, feeling a little bit humble by their agreement to do so, figuring you’d do a good job, but not knowing the other candidates and what kind of a job they’d do, you can only hope for the best.

Long story short, I did not win; I was blown away by the sheer numbers of votes the other candidates could garner… so I was never really in the running.  That is inconsequential in hindsight – the experience in and of itself was the reason I was meant to enter – reading the comments left by my supporters I can only akin to attending your own wake; made me cry more than once and made me realize just how blessed and loved I really am.

Bonus gained from this experience:  I have begun to follow the blogs for Juniper Moon and now Gilead Goats (Kristen Judkins, the winner and most deserving and really nice person/shepherd) and have been inspired to begin my blog anew – started in 2008 and then neglected.  I’m sure my mother in law will read it if no one else, cause she likes to keep up with the goings on here in the northcountry.

So, THANKYOU Suzie.  You’ve inspired me – and I thank you for stirring my soul.  I continue to be on the lookout for friends for Frankie (my lone angora goat) and I believe that my focus is clearing, all because you started something – you are awesome.


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