Posted by: clemscritters | October 1, 2009

Rabbit updates

This home project has enjoyed great success.  The American Chinchillas are a rare breed (something we did not know about when we started); this, of course piqued my interest and so I had to learn as much as I could.  Fast forward two years, and we now have breeding stock placed throughout New York State, as well as Pennsylvania, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland and Canada.   I hope we are doing our part to preserve these great rabbits. 


Adding French Angoras just seemed like a natural thing, to go along with the spinning/weaving hobbies I’m developing.  Intrigued by the angora breeders and their business at shows, I had to try it, and thus far am learning a LOT and doing pretty good.  One litter on the table got good remarks from the Judges, so I am encouraged to try another.. not to mention the beautiful fiber for spinning.  My broken black buck and black steel doe produced a total box of chocolates — a broken chocolate, chocolate torte, chocolate steel and two plain chocolates (and a broken black carbon copy of dad) – pictures are loaded to the desktop, so will have to post them when I get that back from the shop.


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