Posted by: clemscritters | September 26, 2009


Well, it seems like a century ago that I even LOOKED at this blog; and so much has happened; actually it has only been a year – so I guess it’s time for an update!  We acquired goats and sheep, have added on to the barn, acquired cows, expanded our rabbits to include angoras, reconfigured the inside of the barn to accommodate all of the above.  This is a constantly evolving project.

The garden is done again for the season; we had great success with sweet corn.  The cows and horses loved the stalks/underdeveloped ears of corn… the guineas as usual loved the baby beans but the grown beans, not so much… the fish loved the overgrown zucchini.   Sauerkraut is in the crock cooking and should be done this week.  I’ve added lavender to the crop circle in the hopes of drying and using to preserve some wool from the sheep.  (repels moths)

We are now preparing to go on vacation and there is so much to be done I don’t know where to start!  Will try to post some pictures of the sheep and goats (especially Frankie the angora… so cute) and the bunnies as days go by.  I am hoping to become more blog-friendly as I am sort of hopeless in this regard.  Katherine Graham Cracker, Sasha & TashaBoer goats peek outsideClems Hershey Bar


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