Posted by: clemscritters | July 15, 2008

Baby chicks

Summer is a prolific time on the farm.  Momma hen hatched out five or six babies yesterday and today; a couple of black, four or five red or light browns, we’ll see when she gets off the nest.  She had to be moved to an unused rabbit cage because it was a “meerkat manor moment” yesterday when a newly-hatched chick was snagged and eaten by those nasty chickens in the pen.  No wonder we weren’t getting any succesful hatches. Live and learn; a trauma for me, mom didn’t seem to notice, but it took me a couple glasses of wine and some commisserating with best friends to calm down.   The new barn will have a nursery area for sure.



  1. Summers over, Baby, When are you going to do some posting for Autumn?

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